Blackberry Enterprise Server

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If you or any members of your company use BlackBerry handsets, you can add BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) to any of your Hosted Exchange accounts

Integration Our Hosted BES service offers a seamless link between your Blackberry Handset and your Hosted Exchange account. Full integration ensures your phone shares all of your data in real time with your desktop, laptop or other devices, and you never need to worry about keeping up to speed and in touch when you are on the move.
End-to-End Encryption BES offers very high grade security for your mobile communications. Your data is encrypted all the way from the exchange cluster to your handset. You can be certain nobody can read or tamper with your messages on route to or from your phone.
Push Email and Notifications The BES service pushes email and other notifications out to your handset from your mailbox instantly. You can be sure you always have the latest information at your fingertips.
Full range of services All of your personal information is fully synchronised between your handset and desktop. Access, read and update items in your calendar, your contacts, memos, tasks and of course email.