Dedicated Servers

From £100 per month

Dedicated Servers are a solid solution for websites and systems that require the most powerful, reliable and customisable servers. You have full control of your server, and it is not shared by anyone else.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlike most providers, we offer truely unlimited bandwith with our server options. This means you don't have to worry about your server being cut off or racking up a huge bill. We have agreements in place with leading connectivity providers to offer fast, low latency, UK connectivity. Each dedicated server has a 100mb connection as standard, which you can use as much as you like.

Choice of Options We offer three dedicated server models, to cater for the range of uses they may be required for.
Quality Hardware We do not cut costs and use consumer grade hardware. Our dedicated servers are purpose made for 24/7 operation, with enterprise grade Dell hardware. You can be sure your server is as reliable as possible.
Fast, Reliable Connectivity Your server will be connected to an internal 10gb Cisco backbone network, which in tern is connected to the internet with diverse 10gb connections from multiple Tier 1 providers.

Our dedicated servers are housed in a purpose built datacenter facility, designed for the best possible reliability and security.

Each rack in the datacenter is connected to two independant power feeds, protected by N+1 UPS systems and backup generators. The datacenter floor is protected with FM200 fire supression and VESDA alarms. Security staff are on site 24/7/365, and the datacenter is surrounded by an 8 foot perimiter security fence. The datacenter is split up into security zones, with only named personel holding passes.

RAID as Standard We believe dedicated servers without at least two hard drives in RAID 1 are a disaster waiting to happen. You can rest assured that your server is able to survive a disk failure, and keep your data safe on a mirrored drive while onsite technicians replace the faulty drive.
Operating Systems You have the choice of running Linux or Windows on your virtual server, and can reload the operating system through your control panel at any time. We offer CentOS Linux, Windows Server 2008 Web or Windows Server 2008 Standard operating systems.
Full Control

We can offer you WHM and cPanel pre-installed on our CentOS servers, to make changing your server's settings simple, and letting you offer a customised control panel to your clients for an unlimited number of domains.

On linux we offer full SSH console access, on Windows servers we provide direct KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) control.

You also have access to a control panel to remotely view server status and settings, reboot the server or rebuild the server.

Same Day Setup Within business hours, we aim to have your server up and running within an hour from your order confirmation.

Options to Suit

We offer three dedicated server options, ranging in power and performance to suit your requirements:

Bronze Server

Silver Server

Gold Server

Processor Dual Core

2 x 2.33Ghz

Intel Xeon
Quad Core

4 x 2.50Ghz

Intel Xeon
Quad Core

4 x 2.93Ghz

Intel Xeon




Disk Drives

2 x 160GB

(160GB Usable)

2 x 250GB

(250GB Usable)

2 x 1TB

(1TB Usable)
Control Panel
Server Backup
Fully Managed

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£250 / month

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